Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness & Stress Management

​Employees want to be dedicated to your company and successful at their jobs.
They value health and wellness, and appreciate company support of a healthier
lifestyle on the job. Each step the employee makes toward a healthier less-stressed
lifestyle becomes a cost saving and higher productivity benefit for you.

REMEDI Corporate Stress Management services are specifically created to support the health and healing of employees allowing them to have increased focus and clarity at work.

Recent research from the American Journal of Health Promotions shows that corporate wellness programs:
 •    Decrease medical claims
 •    Improve job efficiency
•    Lower absenteeism
•    Decrease premature death
•    Stop loss of up to 115 work hours yearly due to minor illnesses
•    Save employers up to $2000 per employee each year

The Price of Stress in the Workplace

The price of stress in the workplace has moved to the forefront of concern for businesses. Stressed workers are fatigued, prone to mistakes and injuries and more likely to be absent. Moreover, even when stressed workers come to work, they do not function up to par. Most startlingly, stressed employees incur healthcare costs nearly twice as high than for other employees. All tolled, the cost of stressed employees to businesses is estimated to be between $200 and $300 billion dollars a year.

The causes of stress stem from both on-the-job and off-the-job factors. Long hours, heavy workloads and uncertain job responsibilities are compounded by work/life balance issues and worries stemming from the downturned economy, such as job security and loss of income.
Experts warn that if companies do not address these stressors wherever possible, they may pay for it later. Workers who are stressed today can become ill tomorrow, driving up healthcare costs further.

The encouraging news is that stress can be managed with a synergistic approach addressing both organizational changes and individual-based stress management strategies that teach employees to mitigate stress. Investments can range from the simple to the more substantial.

Whatever approaches are used, a well thought-out stress management strategy should be a component of a company wide wellness program aimed at all workers, include multiple approaches and be customized to the needs and resources of the organization. The following strategies can help improve productivity and lower costs.

Corporate Gift Giving

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