Sea Salt and Marine Pedicure  $60
A true therapeutic indulgence....An inspired system born of the sea. Marine botanicals purify, and sea salts energize.  A service designed to refresh and revitalize – like a brisk barefoot walk in the surf. Feet reborn. Spirit satisfied. 

This treatment begins with a marine mineral cleansing foot soak and aromatic heated neck wrap, followed by an exfoliating sea salt scrub.  Your nail therapist will then wrap your lower legs in steamed towels while grooming the cuticles and nails to perfection and removing any callouses.  

An extended massage from knee to toe using hot stones and relaxation techniques will rejuvenate and relax tired over worked feet and legs. Feet are then immersed in hot paraffin wax to increase circulation and restore moisture. Your Nail Therapist will complete this luxury experience with a polish color of your choice.

Refresh Pedicure  $42
Your pedicure begins with a refreshing foot soak followed by cuticle care and  nail shaping.  Our nail therapists will cocoon your feet in steamed towels to prepare the skin for a relaxing leg and foot massage. This service is competed with the polish color of your choice.

Gentlemen’s Foot Repair  $45

Our Gentlemen’s Foot Repair treatment includes a marine mineral foot soak, aromatic infused heated neck wrap to sooth and relax tension in the neck and shoulders, followed by an exfoliating and detoxify sea salt scrub. 

Your nail therapist will  wrap your lower legs in steamed towels while grooming the cuticle and nail and removing any callouses.  An extended massage from knees to toes using hot stones and relaxation techniques will rejuvenate and relax tired over worked feet. Feet are then immersed in hot paraffin wax to restore moisture and increase circulation.

Your service is completed with a nail buff for a clean finish. 

Copper Stone Rejuvenating Foot & Leg Massage  $35
This 30 minute treatment includes a marine mineral cleansing foot soak, aromatic heated neck wrap to sooth and relax tension in the neck and shoulders and extended foot and leg massage. 

Heated copper stones are applied to the foot and calf  for a deeper therapeutic experience. Copper is the most essential mineral for the health and maintenance of the entire body. Delivering true vital benefits, copper can  help to rebuild skin tissue, bone mass, and reduce inflammation. To complete your service, feet are immersed in hot paraffin wax to increase circulation and restore moisture. 

Our Copper Stone Foot and Leg Massage is truly transformative….rejuvenating and relaxing tired over worked feet and legs.

Manicure and Pedicure Experience  $78

This services takes all the best of our luxury hand and foot treatments and put them together for an experience that will revive your hands and feet. 

Polish Change


Rising Star Nail , 12 and under

Rising Star Manicure $18

​Rising Star Pedicure $24


Nail art can be added to any of the nail services at $2 per nail.  

Designs desired on all 10 fingers or all 10 toes $15

French Polish $10

Intensive Callous Repair $10


Shellac Services

Shellac polish application $42

This Service includes nail shaping and cuticle care with the Shellac polish of your choice

Application and Refresh  $58

All the benefits of our Refresh manicure with the application of Shellac polish.

Shellac Polish removal $22

Remove and re-apply $50

Remove, Re-Apply and Refresh $70


Revitalizing Manicure $39
This luxurious manicure begins with a sea salt exfoliation and massage of hands and forearms.  Your hands will then be cocooned in aromatic infused steamed towels to prepare cuticle and nail for shaping and grooming. An extended hand and arm massage using  relaxation techniques will rejuvenate tired over worked hands. Your hands will be treated to a soothing paraffin treatment allowing lotion to deeply penetrate and intensify a silky moisturized effect on the skin. Our expert Nail therapist will complete your experience by polishing nails to perfection, truly transforming the look and feel of your hands.

Refresh Manicure $25
Hands will be exfoliated with a salt glow scrub  and cocooned in steamed towels .  ​ Our nail therapists will shape and buff the nail and provide cuticle care. Warm towel wraps will prepare the skin for the relaxing hand and arm massage. Polish color of your choice will be applied to complete this traditional service.

Youth Restoring Acid Peel Hand Treatment $55
A facial for your hands. Our Lelexo acid peel is applied to the back of the hands in a multi step process to help combat the signs of premature aging.  Dry rough patches and hyperpigmantation are minimized....hands are deeply exfoliated, moisture  and elasticity restored to reveal radiant, healthy  youthful hands. A Refresh manicure may be added on  for $15.

​Gentlemen's Handshake  $30
Our Gentlemen's Handshake Treatment includes an invigorating salt scrub followed by a steamed towel wrap.  Nails and cuticles are expertly shaped before hands and arms are massaged with hydrating cream. Nails are then buffed for a clean finish.

Manicures & Pedicures