Undo your skin sins of the past!

If excessive sun exposure has left you with brown sun spots, red patches, broken capillaries, fine lines and other skin concerns then a Photo Rejuvenation Facial is the right treatment for you. This quick and easy laser treatment will leave you with the smooth, clear skin of your youth.

What to expect:

Before a Photo Rejuvenation Facial treatment begins, we will explain each step of the procedure in great detail as well as how it works, what it will feel like and the results one can expect. The Photo Rejuvenation Facials we perform use the Laser Genesis Skin AFT Therapy method, an innovative, technological advancement that promotes vibrant and healthy looking skin by gently heating the dermis well

Your Practitioner uses a Laser Geneses Treatment to target any discoloration within the skin and draw the unwanted pigment to the surface. The laser light is concentrated to target its power deep down into the dermis to treat acne, veins and discolorations. A couple of days after each treatment the pigmented area will rise to the surface and flake off. This process is can be assisted with Microdermabrasion or Chemical Peels between laser treatments to help continue the exfoliation process, and provide improved skin tone and texture.

below the skin's surface. Activating these deeper layers stimulates collagen production, which rejuvenates the facial skin and improves its appearance.

Photo Rejuvenation Facials are recommended for treating sun damage, large pores, excessive redness, uneven texture, fine lines and wrinkles. AFT is non-invasive and is known to produce subtle, but substantial results over the course of several sessions.